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Come Together, Act Together

Never before have small, individual actions been so powerful. Let’s join forces to fight for gender justice around the world. 

According to the World Economic Forum we are still 257 years[1] away from achieving gender equality. That’s three human lifetimes before women and girls will earn equal pay, cease dying preventable deaths in childbirth, and gain the right to control their own bodies. And global crisis has made a big problem bigger, with communities isolated and left behind in the midst of every-growing inequality.



    We all know that’s not right! That’s why every purchase with us this Christmas will help support the organisations that help give back safety, security and a home to the women most affected by this crisis*.

    We’re coming together with organisations all over the world to raise money to give these women back the joys and comforts we enjoy at the holidays, and to inspire individual acts of everyday activism to create a world where that’s a given.

    There are two simple ways to join us in tackling the issues that affect women disproportionately during crises, like domestic violence and homelessness:

    1.    Shop with us – every purchase gives back to Sarim Burney Trust which will help provide entrepreneurial support to women most affected by Covid-19 Crisis to earn a sustainable income.

    2.    Take action – When we act together on a global scale, every small action is a part of something big.

    'Tis the season for DOING!



    Here’s your individual activism journey broken down into three simple steps, and a bunch of handy resources to help you on the way.

    Yes, the task ahead is BIG. But in the end, real seismic change is just a whole lot of smaller changes joined together.

  • Women suffer more in global crisis

    Existing unequal and unfair work situations become more so, while unpaid caregiving work done by women increases. Domestic violence surges as tensions rise, and women are confined round the clock with their oppressor.[2]

    Domestic violence is systemic

    Domestic violence is rooted in gender inequality – as long as women are seen to be inferior, they will be susceptible to all forms of violence. We need to challenge this perception at every opportunity, and make sure that women are equally represented in positions of power and influence. [3]

    Homeless from a violent home

    Violence and female homelessness are closely linked, with victims of domestic violence forced into precarious living circumstances when our system(s) fails to protect them. Women who are already experiencing homelessness are also at far greater risk of physical or sexual violence than their male counterparts. [4]

  • Empowering Women with The Body Shop

    Owing to Covid-19 Pandemic, lockdown measures in Pakistan have sparked in unemployment, which has adversely affected mental well-being of every working individual.

    As a result, there has been a rise in case of domestic violence due to increased frustration where people struggle to make ends meet and that disturbs the family harmony. With increased lockdown durations, people trapped into their houses with little social interaction have caused mental stress and to vent it out, people find no other way than to exercise it on someone else. The situation spiked under the COVID-19 pandemic, with the abuse becoming a daily occurrence.

    Domestic violence was already one of the greatest human rights violations. More then 100 cases being reported in shelter homes by women and girls (aged 20-46) have been subjected to sexual or physical violence by an intimate partner in the last 5 months (Source: Sarim Burney Trust). The reason being greater fraction of men have been left redundant by the employing organization owing to the disturbing economic conditions with no or little means of support by local community.

    That's why every purchase with us this Christmas Season from 1st December 2020 to 7th January 2021, we will be donating 19.8 pence to Sarim Burney Trust, which would help provide entrepreneurial support to women most affected by Covid-19 Crisis to earn a sustainable income, reducing mental stress and lowering cases for domestic violence occurring due to little to no income.

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