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How to find the right fragrance

Choosing a fragrance for yourself or someone else can be tricky. From mixing and matching with Scents of Life to our favourite fresh and floral ranges, use our fragrance finder to discover our world of scents and find your perfect fragrance.


    Ultra-feminine and instantly-recognisable, florals are the most versatile fragrance family and can range from delicate notes to bold bouquets with a more indulgent feel. Have a look below to find a light and youthful eau de toilette, or a fuller scent with sophisticated sensuality.

    A soft and delicate floral fragrance is a great base for layering. 

    Rose & Cedarwood is a floral and woody, powerful essence oil infused with notes of coriander, mint, rose and cedarwood.

    TRY THIS FRAGRANCE: Rose & Cedarwood Essence (Scents of Life)


    Our fruity fragrances blend floral notes with sweet, irresistibly juicy accords. TRY THESE FRAGRANCES: Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry KissFijian Water LotusSwietenia Eau de Parfum (Elixirs of Nature)


    Imagine the crisp, outdoor scent of cut grass. Our vegan White Musk® L’Eau envelops the delicate sensuality of our signature musk with the welcoming clean freshness of spring. It’s a floral bouquet of rose and jasmine infused with crisp notes of pear and cruelty-free musk.

    TRY THIS FRAGRANCE: White Musk® L’Eau


    With earthy, sensual qualities, fragrances grounded in musk perfectly balance out sweeter ingredients. With a velvety appeal, musk accords are a perennial favourite and perfect for day or night.

    TRY THESE FRAGRANCE: Musk & Mandarin Essence (Scents of Life), White Musk® ClassicAtlas Mountain RoseKahaia Eau de Parfum (Elixirs of Nature)


    As the name suggests, Floriental fragrances combine the scents properties of flowers, like orange blossom and jasmine, with hallmark sensual spices, warm woods and resins of the Oriental family. This blend creates lighter, more versatile fragrances.

    TRY THESE FRAGRANCES: Gold Addiction Fragrance (Scents of Life), White Musk® Smoky RoseIndian Night JasmineNigritella Eau de Parfum(Elixirs of Nature)


    Warm, seductive blends of spice, musk, incense and resin, scents within the Oriental fragrance family possess a long-lasting rich luxuriousness that lends itself to after-dark or dinner occasions.

    TRY THIS FRAGRANCE: Amber Wonder Fragrance


    Powerful earth elements like cedarwood and liquorice root stimulate the senses to create an air of mystery in these fragrances.

    TRY THESE FRAGRANCES: Charm Me Spritz (Scents of Life), Black MuskWiddringtonia Eau de Parfum (Elixirs of Nature)



    Fragrance layering is an art form. It’s a way to express yourself and complement your body’s natural chemistry. Whether you’re a perfume connoisseur or a complete novice, this guide will help you have fun creating a signature scent that’s uniquely you.

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